With whom should the property valuation process get conducted?

A new identity for ALMOs and their boards was a key goal raised by the delegates, along with improving tenant quality of life, developing an accommodation strategy for low demand areas and increasing tenant participation. There will be a lot of new relationships formed in the coming years, including those between the ALMOs and their parent authority. Property valuation process should get conducted with the licensed and experts property valuers who have the full and brief knowledge in doing the process. They are the legal person who has the right to manage and handle the process for the sake of their clients need.

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There may be some tensions as ALMOs try to put some distance between themselves and local authorities. But ALMOs are working on something that has to succeed and there will be challenges. Tristar Homes Ltd chair Francis Hayes, said board members needed to become leaders and hammer out a vision for the organisation, setting objectives as well as values. Board members have to look at what kind of organisation will achieve that vision because you can’t have bad values and expect to achieve a good vision. Derby Homes director Phil Davies advised that tenant consultation and involvement must be a priority along with customer care and performance monitoring.

Currently, CHTF plays a central role in guiding local authorities through the stock options appraisal process. From 1st June 2004 the Community Housing Task Force advisers were integrated within the Government Offices for the Regions, but they will still remain closely linked with ODPM HQ, and in particular the new Decent Homes division based within the Housing Directorate. This is the main reason for facing the stress less steps for the legal property valuation process. It is always said that the property Valuations VIC process is very important and necessary to manage by the expert ones. By following such strategy you will able to feel much relax with the way of presenting your process and make it successful.

Their roles and responsibilities will not change, but will become more closely focused and linked to regional needs. assess and agree the Tenant Empowerment, Communication and Consultation, and Change Management strategies which are core components of the options appraisal process for each authority. There is evidence of surges in the take up of the RTB in regeneration areas in London but to date the occurrence is limited. However, there is no reason why the practice could not extend to the rest of England. There are two types of companies that exploit business opportunities within the context of RTB legislation.