Property Location – Most Important To Determine Value Of The Property

Although the size of the change appears small, the effect on an individual building is significant, and the consequential effect on the value of a whole Estate will be substantial. So, for example, a flat which was worth £1,000,000 freehold and, say, £600,000 on a thirty year lease, would have cost around £317,000 to extend the lease and would now cost some £10,000 less.

Rutley European Property Limited (“REPL”), a pan-European real estate fund announces the acquisition of European property assets totalling €104.75m with the majority being purchased off market. A further €58m of investments have been notarised and a further €31m of properties are under offer. Different Property Valuations avoid this step and bounce direct into reviewing the estimation of an affiliation.

A higher standard deviation represents a fund strategy with a greater risk – the potential for the IRR of the fund to be below or above the mean is greater. When choosing fund types with a very high standard deviation it becomes even more crucial to assess the other risk factors – the past performance of the GP, for example.

‘We are delighted to have created a portfolio of such good quality investments in only a few months, and, on schedule. With assets yielding around 7%, and some with excellent upside potential, we have clearly demonstrated our ability to exploit the immaturity and imperfections that still exist in the European real estate markets to the benefit of investors. Our record in identifying and closing investments is testimony to the unique competitive advantage conferred by our close association with Knight Frank’s European office network and the exceptional market penetration it offers. .’

Buma Square, Poland is a 28,835 sq m modern office and retail complex situated in a prime location in the southern part of Krakow, an important economic, educational and historic centre and was acquired for €51.15m. The strong tenant line up includes Motorola Polska, Electrolux and Tesco Poland. The total purchase price reflects a net initial yield of 7.11%.