How to make the easy conduction for doing the house valuation process?

A damning Audit Commission report into the functioning of the Clays Lane housing co-op in east London has awarded the landlord a “zero stars” rating with “poor prospects for improvement”. But the Audit Commission’s findings have been angrily rejected by the co-op’s board as “biased, tainted and flawed” as it published its own independently commissioned “mock audit” report, which found the landlord to be operating a “two star” service with good prospects for improvement.

To make the easy conduction for the property valuation on any type of property you should at first make an appointment of a licensed person who is actually fulfilled with the full knowledge of the steps and process of the Valuations SA┬áprocess. Speaking at the launch of the Audit Commission report on Tuesday, Audit Commission senior manager Maureen Corcoran said the no star rating was appropriate because the services provided by the landlord were “poor” and that its management committee took a “confrontational approach to complaints and customer care”.

Dismissing the commission report as a “waste of money”, however, Clays Lane chair John Lynn said the inspector’s assessment had been based on “outdated statistics supplied by the Housing Corporation from three to four years ago published to assist those who wish to demolish the co-op. The co-op pointed to the findings of a ‘mock audit inspection’ carried out by consultants JKA Ltd whose conclusions contrasted sharply with that of the Audit Commission inspectors. JKA lead consultant Jacky Kennedy said she was happy that her report’s findings were fully justified.

This will definitely add more profit in the full process when a person is doing the valuation of house in the real estate field. The various steps and process in the valuation process are managed and handled by the expert property valuers having experience to perform the full process. She declined to comment on the wide discrepancy between her report and the Audit Commission’s findings other than to point out that her inspection had been carried out over a period of months, while the Audit Commission had only visited Clays Lane for a few days.