10 Best Practices For property valuation

commercials investors upon investors former for over a decade number one other the fiesta everywhere they go almost Timer’s they tend to believe their property financials into brochures let me explain you find a property online you call the broker he said you over a beautiful for sure beautiful pictures second page hasn’t been tested for their financial cash flows X you want the prop wont.

5let me tell you this is we’re our love begins go along because you should not believe the problem financials and pressure-most case those financials are what we call performer or perform meaning that they are best-case You know this world San Orioles not the actual sin fact if you get this up the actual numbers and the pressure is still is the hash sorry alright what you need to get from the Brokerage the a certified himself.

the last months financials from West Cost Valuers their problem is company okay do not trust or believe within your brokers brochure asked for the financials directly from the seller if not you cannot possibly overpaying for property and the visual okay alright against were most begin impressions go wrong number two is a underestimate the properties expense hi for the game investors the malls the biggest thing they underestimate in your wonder why they’re not cash flow in the first year is because the underestimate what it takes to run their property for months.

alright well you do the exit to believe again in the brochures in a performer or they even I’ll forget to realize that%uh the property needs to have ceilings listless problem is like you is like a while right and the body words I after all and has maintained same thing with the property so if you buy a problem they want looks beautiful in year he needs a new paint job paint job could cost tens of thousands Eurodollar if you don’t have that money saved up you could lose they can see you lose income any casualness okay saw do not underestimate the problem is this is thiswere big international.